Hi there, and welcome to my sandbox…My name is Mike Black. I’m 67 years old, living in Norfolk, VA. I just woke up this morning and decided to join the billions of people throughout the world who have an opinion about something. Pretty simple huh…mmmmm, not so much. You see, I’m not much of a writer. But, I do have opinions on just about anything, just as you do.

I learned many years ago that I don’t think like others do. I have a tendency to see both sides of the issue before I form a solid opinion about it. I might choose a side immediately, or simply stay entrenched in that middle ground called “No Mans Land”, until a certain amount of “wrongness” piles up enough to move me into one camp or the other. This attitude has never won me any close friends, and sometimes lost a couple that were trying to be friends. It seems to be a basic trait of the human psyche that people want you to agree with them immediately. That is where I am different, I suppose. I frankly don’t want you to agree with me…I’d rather have you pick away at my views, whether it is a tiny part or all of it. That’s who I am, and I believe it helps us grow as a race…That is the Human Race people! You see, we are not growing, we are quite definitely stagnating. There, you have my very first solid opinion. We all live on one planet, no matter where, and we should be doing one heck of alot better that we are now.

I’ll be writing about different things here, and offering my own opinions about just about any topic that tickles my interest, or grates on my nerves…whichever comes first, of course, heh heh. Why not, this is my very first sandbox after all!

Just one rule here. Be nice! That’s my nice, not just your version of it. When you comment try to be civil, and by all means use the spell/grammar checker please. Thanks